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Farage – Euro Zone Titantic has now hit the Ice Berg

Isn’t it strange how things come together over the course of time in this case 100 years

100 years ago the Titanic sunk, it took a couple of hours and sadly many died.  If we relate that time scale to the current time scale and apply it to the crash that is coming on the financial markets we would find or we could say we have 6 months to go.  Before the crash starts and the EURO  financial Titanic as some would call it as in the video below.

Hopefully none will die from this financial crash but sadly that will probably not be the case, as some will take their lives as they did in 2008. As they see no why out of their financial problems.

In Reality the Crash has started, it started on the DOW on the 1st May 2012.  However the DOW & S&P 500 are just putting in place the Harmonics or the Hole in the side of the Financial Titantics of the world.

When this is completed on the 2nd of January 2013 the water, will be too much and everybody will see the financial markets turn over, on their side.  Yes the markets are going to crash. Debt like Iron Sinks.  Put enough water into any ship and it sinks.  Put enough debt into any financial system and it will crash.

Fancy borrowing at 7% and then lending at 3% I would not do it nor would anyone else.  But that is what the governments have been doing watch the video below and then watch my video re the Crash has begun and answer your self this question; How much are you going to make out of this crash?

Here we have the biggest crash happening since the 1929-1932 and few are preparing for it.  Its time to get your trading accounts open and ready to make the huge returns in 2013 that you deserve and worked for.  Probably in the 2000% range and no typo error there, two thousand percent range and that return may be low for some traders to be made over the course of this crash.

So here is the question again how much are you going to make in this crash?

Euro Zone Titantic has now hit the Ice Berg – European Parliament  (2.51 minutes)

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My Video The Crash Has Begun Appropriately in RED for RED DEBTED INK    (13 minutes)

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Eminance made large positive returns in May for its clients and so far has made an average of 10% for June 2012 for their clients, that’s not 10% for the year that’s 10% for the last coupe of weeks !

Third time,  the question is how much are you going to make in this crash?



Returns for May 2012 – Average Positive Return 88.85% !

Eminance – Leaders in Wealth Management Make large positive gains in falling markets.

Returns for following were made net of any Asset Management and brokerage except where indicated by a ” * ” “star”.

Normal Leveraged CFD’s Contracts for Difference

  • Average return for Portfolios:     16.54%

Highly Leveraged CFD’s Contracts for Difference

  • Average return for Portfolios:     247.74%


  • Average return on Portfolios:       2.27%*

**portfolios not open for whole month

AVERAGE POSITIVE RETURNS across all portfolio’s     88.85%     for the Month of May 2012

Compare these positive returns with the returns for the following Indexes:

  • DJIA  (DOW JONES):              -7.09%
  • S&P 500:                                   -7.43%
  • NASDAQ:                                   -9.24%
  • FTSE:                                         -9.67%
  • XJO:                                          -9.16%
  • XAO:                                          -8.51%

In a Month when the major indexes lost over 7.00% Eminance is one of the few that shine.  Making money when markets go up is good, making money when they go down is great, and also great is not losing money when they go down!

Next item to look at the Eminance Accuracy on the SPI – Sydney Price Index – Futures Market.

This is a critical one if you cannot get it right here you may not be able to get it right trading other markets or products within the markets, for example Shares, Warrants, Options, Options on Futures, Futures.

Charts to support what Eminance Analysis was are below.

Our Target before a Bounce was 3990, the SPI reached 4013 23 Points out.

ACCURACY therefore was 95%

95% Correct   or 95% success rate !

Chart showing Target set these charts were live charts – I.e. done in REAL time

Chart showing Eminance Accuracy completed in REAL time

If you want to trade with Accuracy, incredible accuracy or you wish to have someone do it for you contact Eminance

Website: http://www.eminance.com.au

email: barry.gumm@eminance.com.au

open an account: Click here

*Note: Past returns are not a reliable or Guarantee of future returns

**Recommended that investors or traders should seek professional advice before investing or trading the markets