Cycle has Changed – TO DOWN

The video below explains that the DOW & S&P500 cycle has now changed to DOWN.

This means that the Crash has now started. This will be the last crash in this 17 year correction cycle.


This is a 17 year correction cycle which began on the FTSE with the 1999 high. It will end in 2016. There is another correction cycle that will kick in in 2013 which will the volatility in the markets Greatly. However another will about that will be produced at a later stage. The Video below explains of the Change of Cycles and expectations on some of the major exchanges

What are the Risks?

The risks are high extremely high if you do nothing or if you hold onto Managed funds or Shares or anything really that is not in cash that you WILL lose money or some value of those investments.

What can I do about it?

You need to talk to a Registered Financial Planner or Adviser – however if they know the Law of Vibration & Harmony as we have described that would be great. If they do not know the law of vibration & Harmony and in the first place anyway we recommend you contact Eminance – Leaders in Wealth Management at

How long before it really goes down a lot?

The markets must put in the Harmonics for the Crash. Although the Harmonics are in place for the XJO (Australian top 200 index) it is not in place for the DOW and S&P500. This will take approximately 7 months. After this time has elapse the markets mentioned above will have their harmonics in place and will crash.

Why do you say Harmonics? The video explains this – Music is numbers in time. The Markets resonate on frequencies that mimic the octaves of music.

My Adviser says I should hold or invest more as it is cheap now.

If you adviser has told you that you need to question why? The cycles have turned down and do not turn up again until 2016 other than the normal bounces that the markets have in either direction, whether it be a up trend or a down trend.

What is the trend? The Trend or cycle is now DOWN until sometime in 2016

Can I make money as the market goes down?

There is a process called shorting which a registered financial adviser like Eminance can help you with and yes you can make money as it goes down.

Sounds strange to me. SHORTING has been around for well over a century and adds liquidity into the markets – they is nothing strange about it at all

What should I do now?

We recommend you contact Eminance – Leaders in Wealth Management at


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